7 Online investment apps you should consider

Investment opportunities are both scary and exciting. Scary because it’s a risk – You know, higher risk, greater reward. The reward part portion, however, makes it exciting. What can even amp up this excitement is the accessibility to these investment opportunities. 

what investments used to be

Gone are the days where you have to book an appointment with an investment specialist (side note: Depending on your exposure and amount, these guys are gold, don’t go into investments blindly).  However, is it a MUST? No.

This could be you…

Some amazing apps to launch you into the world of investments

There are some simple applications on the market that help amateur investors get their feet wet in investments. With just a mobile phone, access to data and some extra cash. You can get into the world of investment. 

Below are some cool apps you can have on your phone to get into the world of investments.

As stated earlier, investments are both risky and rewarding, before you invest, make sure you do some due diligence so you are fully aware of the implications of the investment

7 Online investment apps you should consider

  1. Cowrywise:

On this application, you can invest in low, medium and high-risk investments. Investments include Nigerian Eurobond, Mutual funds and other money-market securities. 

  1. Piggyvest:

Formerly known as Piggybank initially started as a way for people to save their extra funds. This is by attaching it to a goal or locking it away, so you avoid the temptation to withdraw before the time set. This platform has now grown to include investments which include mutual savings and some private investments. 

  1. Kudabank:

This digital-only bank is the first of it’s kind to get a license from Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). On this platform, you can save, invest and borrow all online. Because this is a microfinance bank means that individual deposits are covered by the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC). 

  1. Investment One:

This is a subsidiary of Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB). This platform also offers services such as asset management, stock-broking, trust and pension fund management services. 

  1. Robinhood:

This is great if you have an American bank account. This platform helps you invest in publicly traded companies in the U.S. The platform integrates with your U.S bank account, and they pull funds from your account to buy whichever shares you please. There are also analysts on the application that advice when you buy, hold, and trade shares. This comes in handy because it can be quite overwhelming knowing what to invest in. 

  1. I-Invest:

A pan African brokerage firm in partnership with Sterling Bank Plc. The major investment on this platform is Treasury Bills. Since treasury bills are typically risk-free so this is a great platform to earn consistent returns

  1. FBN Edge:

This is a product of FBN Quest Asset Management. This app allows potential investors to open mutual funds and also track investments. 


Investments have become very simple. With a few clicks of a button on your phone, you can start your journey into the world of investments.

If you need some guidance on where to begin from, you can contact one of our agents here. 

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